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Monday, February 05, 2007


To our praying friends and supporters,

Many ministering saints have helped the LORDs ministry here in Honduras. Once and again unto our necessity; to this we give thanks to our God and our LORD and Saviour Christ Jesus. This post is not to our necessity, but intercessory in nature; to highlight 2 children we are ministering to.

Neidy, (Nay-dee) an 11year old who comes from a single mother, Christian home.
Neidy’s mom, Suyapa, eeks out an existence washing clothes in the river, for often less than a dollar a day. Suyapa won the Christmas gifts in the bring a friend promotion at church, and has only been saved since September. We have had the privilege of watching her faithfulness grow and thus affect Neidy in some wonderful ways, modesty and temperance are some. Neidy tears at out hearts. What is sad is a potential that could be lost. When your poor and hungry enough, wickedness is never far, whether invited or inflicted. She was one of the first children begging at our gate when we moved in next door; she sometimes mirrors the hard life she has known. Yet has a softness, and yearning for the things of God. If planted and kept in the right influence she could blossom into a beautiful lady to the Glory of Christ. This is why she is on our list for sponsorship. When Saw we the LORD? It would help her to have the right friends and influence, so that sweetness wont be lost, as we have seen so much here. The education would ultimately help her family. You could be the difference on the path she takes. None of us can change the whole world but all of us can affect one.
$50/mo would allow her to go to a Christian school. and get a meal a day. Her family is also a reason we need a church feeding center here.

The other is Lesly 11, also from a disastrous family situation. She trusted Christ and was baptized in this ministry. This is the little girl who was whipped and beat in the street and Sasha chased them home a took away the strap they beat her with. (Dec 11, 2006 blog) Her father has taken her and enrolled her in the school near where he lives. (where Alba use to go, one of the worse here, she will have one of Alba’s old male teachers that I have very uneasy feelings about) Only because he did not want to pay the 20mo child support ordered by the courts for school. Her catholic mother Flore came to us this Sunday pleading for help. Surprisingly, she gave me the privilege of leading her to Christ even after long winded, stern words that would have sent people most off angry and upset. She had humble tears instead. I said we would pray about helping and she must trust the LORD and she agreed. As a sort of first fruit of Holy Spirit wisdom was in place, she said she sorry it took this situation to bring her to talk to me. Then thanked me for telling her about Jesus. Lesly has gone form bad to worse; she is in a much more dangerous situation and will now have no Christian influence.

The amount Lesly needs in not much (Less than $40) and would be a one time gift, not for long term support for public or the Christian school, unless the LORD leads someone this way. It is just to buy the school supplies (Ie shoes, uniform fabric and a few books) that would allow her to stay in the better, safer, public school and continue to attend our church. Honduras

Missions/Children’s Lighthouse operates on limited funds, oft times your response is our leading in these matters. Both children will have blog posts with profile pictures in a few days and be on our profile list. Our school year starts here on the 15th of February. In a world filled with so many bigger things… I thank you all for reading and praying for these issues. His eye is on the sparrow….

Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.
Barry Ritchie