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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Crash of Emotion

Crash! Another emotional grenade today. I wish I could have taken an actual picture this morning of the glory I saw when it happened. The LORD is teaching and prepping these children for his service, and I am humbled he is allowing me to be present as the Holy Spirit works.

All the children were in our room playing, rough housing with pillows, really enjoying being children. Until, Iris remembered a fond memory and began to cry uncontrollably. Then Julie began to cry, followed by Alba, who lost total composure. I looked at Jenny and she responded without either of us speaking a word. She instinctively knew what was needed and quietly began ushering the other children out to play elsewhere and kept them occupied. I began talking to Iris as she was first to break down. She leaned over and laid against my shoulder. As I worked with Iris, Alba still weeping profusely and began to hug Julie and comfort her. A moment later, she leaned over to also comfort Iris in a hug, all the while talking to me about her grandmother. Alba, the one most damaged by effects of sin, was the strength for the two younger. It was her soft words that halted all tears. I was given the gift of a glimps of the future I believe. It was at this point Lisa walked in, and knew how to bring it to a close by handing out chocolate bars. Butterfingers to be precise, that a ministering saint sent from the USA…for such a time as this…

From the depths of our spirits we thank you for allowing us to be here and serve Our LORD Christ Jesus. All that happens here is treasure in heaven for each and every one who has prayed and helped.
Ultimately it is More Glory for Him.

Barry Ritchie