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Monday, February 19, 2007

Venting and Praising

Photos always paint a simpler picture than do the words and story behind them. Today Pastor Santos came down the mountain to see if we could help with school supplies again(new school year now) for Angel and Cinthia the two orphans he has taken in and we have a fondness for. Still not sponsored. The timing is poignant as you will see. At this particular time we have no spare funds, food or even water in the house, but Lisa was compelled to help. She went through the house taking a little from here and there. The school supplies we have for ours can be stretched a little longer or repurchased when needed. She then took the rice and beans we had. (She had to put off grocery shopping to pay the bills due today) Added to this the LORD prompted us to give away Julie’s bicycle as well. It was the first time we ever saw Angel smile without being asked to do so…Sometimes the “needs” are not food and clothing. And our truck is to be done again today having the engine rebuilt for the 2nd time in 2 months…another bill. But to see Pastor Santos, Angel and Cinthia stop almost in tears to give thanks, reassures our hearts this pleases God and we are in His hands.

Now for the back drop to understand our mindset. Think widow woman of Zarephath. In the last few days I received emails from several ministries either considering or have dropped our support. None of their reasons are with us but rooted in problems in their ministries.

Here is an excerpt from an email reply from this morning that was sent out literally as Pastor Santos knocked on our door.

Chose to delete this email as a matter of conscience. If any request I will send this excerpt by email

To our faithful praying friends and supporters. We love and thank Our LORD Jesus Christ for you and for holding the rope as we venture out. We are hanging by this rope and live solely of the gospel by faith.
Now we must prep Jeny for another day in the court system today....talking about things she aught not know about.

Unworthy Servant to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour,