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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Kid's are in School !

The School year in Honduras is Feb through Nov. Here are all the children supported directly through the Children’s Lighthouse. Most would have had little or no chance of an education, but now are going to a Christian School. Our group is large so Lisa and I loaded them in two taxi’s this morning (Still no vehicle that runs) and sat through the orientation with them. First day jitters soon faded away as familiar bible songs were sang in the auditorium. And everyone was show their teachers and classes. It's almost quiet in the house as I write this, first time in months.

After Sunday we asked the church to keep an eye out for a place to meet or property for sale ect. Senora Piola found a nice property that we could purchase right in the midst of the slums we minister to. It’s close and the lowest price we have found to date at $8500, but that is still much more than we can afford in a chunk. Plus it would need a fence right away to keep people and things safe. They already have another interested buyer and are not interested in payments or lower price. Not sure what the LORD has planned but something must happen soon.
Please keep it in prayer, as well as a vehicle and church property/building here in the city and in Los Terorros.
Several possible big projects are on the horizon but nothing confirmed as yet...
Need wisdom, and provision to do the LORD’s Will. Amen.