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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Because God is Good

Here are notes from Alba. (If you have never read her Nov 9th post please do) The one to me was delivered after she came up behind my computer chair, almost squeezed the breath out of me with a hug and kissed my cheek. I am laminating it and keeping in my Bible... The second was a note to Lisa, similarly given.
And some still wonder why we do what we do...
Well it’s because God is Good. AMEN!

Rough Translation

Dad, I want to go to school to learn of the marvelous world of God and His Word. And go teach them to my friends and others. Thank you for understanding my destiny.

I love you Dad
from Alba

Rough Translation

Mommy, Thank you for paying attention to me and with God and thank you for being my mama. You are very pretty, filled with mercy to me and my brothers and sisters. Thank you for seeing into my world to be my Mama. I love you

A very unworthy servant