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Friday, February 23, 2007

Cool Water in His Name....

An older teen age girl named Daisy, that I led to Christ months ago, came back to church Wednesday. Sasha and Luz, (Carlos wife), visited and led her mom to the LORD Saturday, and they both came Wednesday. AMEN! Daisy has really been searching for the things of God since. Last night she shared that Jehovah’s witnesses began showing up and teaching them in their home, that’s a new issue for us here. Her mom welcomed them in and allowed lessons. Daisy felt very uncomfortable and knew some of the things she heard were wrong but didn’t know why. Thank you Holy Spirit. She came to church to ask questions. Sasha and I talked with her last night after church for along and fruitful time. She got excited when she heard Sasha has a desire to start teaching a teen girl class on Saturday afternoons. Sasha has a lot of information she wants to share with them and I agreed. She will be a great teacher for this group.

Another lady was dealt with by Carlos. She trusted Christ while the Wallers were here but has yet to come “into” a church service. (Stands out side and listens sometimes) She was suicidal because she found her husband with someone else, and had jumped in front of a bus that missed just prior to talking with Carlos. Carlos diffused the situation for now but…Need prayer. Never a dull moment.

Another huge blessing of the night: First the children began, (of their own accord) to have a mini service about 30 minutes before church at the pulpit. They read passages from the Bible sang and then got in a circle and each prayed. A couple of neighborhood children joined in as well. During regular, church Iris and Sayder asked to sing solos in church. It surprised me because Iris had never been to church prior to coming here, yet has made great strides.

It was for my soul, like a cold drink of water on a hot day. Soothing and refreshing…AMEN!