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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Danger Comes In Many Forms

Dan Asher visited to see about helping build a structure in Los Tererros for a church. Like everything in Honduras it takes twice the effort to do things. He wanted to rent a 4x4 be able to get there, but this being a huge holiday week here things are either busy or closed. We had to rent the truck for a week because they would be closed the rest of the time…that was after we found someone with one available.
So we take a bus for 3 hours to the capital pick up the truck on Monday. I took Toño and Barry Jr, about 2hours in on the mountain curves Tono stunk up the bus which triggered other passengers who also vomited. Return home then drive back tues to wait all day for a plane that never arrives. Return home to find Dan stuck in Houston. Return Wednesday pick up Dan and make it back in time for church, Enemesio preached and the lady Sasha has been witnessing to who studies with the Mormons came forward for salvation, Amen. The next morning head to Los Terreros to see the property. Since we had a 4x4 also decided to visit the witch doctor. Steep dangerous drive but found a fairly good welcome and a breath taking mountain top view. First Americans to visit her home. Carlos chose to wait in the car and said with humor and a little seriousness “Barry whatever you do don’t eat or drink anything here, I need you healthy to drive me back down…I have a wife and child you know!” So what happens… she offers a homemade concoction to Enemesio, myself and Dan. I sniffed.. it smelled old and slightly fermented… must be safe (read Mark 16:18). Then look at Enemesio, he shrugged his shoulders we smiled said amen and drank it. Dan on the other hand was like a cat trying to get out of a cold bathtub of water, back peddling as fast as he could with multiple excuses why he could not. We left her and her family with snacks, cold water, bibles and gospel tracts. It made a strong impact. Not sure if she will burn the Bibles on the altar she had in her home but some were paging through them as we left.

We also went to Aguas Callente (different mountian) to leave Bibles, tracts, and some food for Pastor Santos, Cynthia and Angel. Everyone was very nervous when I had to turn around on a path and teetering the truck on 2 wheels. Dan and Enemsio hung over the side for weight to keep it down. I used to do this for fun in the USA now its all in a days work for missions. Friday drop Dan at the Airport for yet another long dangerous drive back home. Monday we do it again to return the truck. In all we went through near 100 police check points, drove 25 hours on paved and about 10 hours on mountain paths, saw a dozen bad wrecks. One was a fuel tanker overturned and leaking on the mountain.

A photo taken by Dan

Saturday I took the older children up the mountain to honor a promise I made to Alba. I had said when we were able I would take her to see her grandmother. With the new rented 4x4 we were able to reach where she was. It was a sweet visit for Alba, Toño and Julie with some tears of joy. When the truck goes back Monday I am hoping they do not inspect it real close mechanically and we get our $1000 deposit back. It has a lot of noises in the suspension it did not start out with but not a scratch on it. :) Welcome to Honduras....

Sunday Easter services were packed. Lisa had the idea to make a passover meal for the church to teach about the last supper, death, burial and resurection of our LORD Jesus Christ. It went very well. Thank you Lord.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie
Please to remember to pray for a vehicle, church property or meeting place, Safety, Health and Souls....