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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Battling Spiritual Wickedness in High Places

Battling spiritual wickedness in high places continually,… leaves you fatigued, and your armor in constant need of inspection, repair and upkeep. Thankfully our rest is in the LORD.
This week in Honduras many wonderful things happened preceded by many efforts to thwart each one, some succeeded some did not. Baptisms have been a topic as of late with Sunday scheduled for a river baptism service. Iris came to me and asked to be baptized, after a lengthy talk I could find no reason not to, for I felt she had trusted Christ. In Wednesday service I picked her up in my arms as an illustration of Jesus saying "suffer the little children to come unto me". It was a touching moment as she shared with all her testamony. But this must have set off spiritual wickedness alarms, for heart wrenching events following the next 2 days. And made it so that Iris and her sister Bessy are no longer with us. I can only hope the little light that has been lit will burn bright and God will not only protect her in the wicked environment she will enter, but use her to save others.

Thursday was a surprise birthday for Carlos. We trucked 73 folks from our church to his house in 4 trips with a truck we borrowed from the mechanic at the last moment. A sweet time of preaching, fellowship and Honduran chop suey. Since we had the mechanics truck we held it ransom until ours was done. Amazing, it came back quick, but it is still not right and wont make a trip out of the city.

Sunday arrives and set up church on the river at 6am for a 10 am service. 60+ church folks show up for special baptism services. We shuttled them to the river in the datsun. It took 7 trips including tents and stuff, a lot of work but…. 14 were baptized! AMEN! Folks brought food to share, we brought a homebuilt barbeque and Lisa fed many. And the church was like a big family for about 6 hours.

If you seek to please the LORD Jesus Christ in all things, spiritual wickedness will seek every opportunity to damage, delay and discourage you.
PLEASE keep us in prayer!
Current prayer requests, Church property, vehicle, safety and health, souls...and spend a little extra time for Iris and Bessy....

Unworthy Servants to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour
Barry & Lisa Ritchie