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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Needless to Say....

Another week has passed busily waiting on the LORD to return. Amen.

Church services this week were full, (Standing room only on Sunday) and fruitful. The discipleship classes have at least 15-20 adults expected for baptism next week in our riverside service. Suyapa’s elderly mom trusted the LORD last week and her father did this week…amen! Several people in the neighborhood are now coming to ask for prayer and council.
The property the mayor said “buy quick”… sold this week… someone else learned about it too. No one looks at these properties for 8 years till we show an interest, then poof gone. Still desperately need a place to meet for church, not sure of the LORD’s plan. Needless to say we need prayer

Our 1968 Datsun came back from the mechanic Friday. Only 3 months being repaired…and did not make it around the city 1 time before something went wrong. It’s going back Monday to be fixed. The donated funds for a vehicle have cleared so we are looking for a used vehicle that can carry us in our price range but have found nothing in the papers from the capitol and nothing here as yet. Needless to say we need prayer…

We took Iris and Bessy to the court psychologist this week. Did not go as well as we wanted, actually some things we heard were quite disturbing. We are not part of the other events in their family, but it sheds light on the battles we face. They have decided to not remove the older sister(15) from her environment. The judge’s words “She is already in ‘that’ business now and wants to stay, so why bang our heads and waste time end energy on her”. And he is considering letting Bessy and Iris go back because the psychologist was not convinced, and thinks Bessy’s statement she heard the mom say to a client, (You can do what you want with the bigger one but don’t touch the baby) was about the 15 year old not Iris. ???What??? This makes it ok? Then the psychologist began arguing with the child service lawyer… Doesn't selling your kids for $$ to go to the USA factor in here? The Bible says in the last days people will be without natural afffection...Even so LORD come quickly. Needless to say we need prayer that someone has wisdom.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie