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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What can you do but Laugh?

Funny story about the children this week... a slight discipline problem. Not putting dirty clothes out to be cleaned kind of thing and mixing clean with peed right after they have been cleaned. All they have to do is put their dirty clothes in front of the washer…not under the mattress, not in the dressers, not on the floor ect.
So, Lisa had all the children wash their own clothes the way they used to; on a wash board in a 5 gal bucket. Julie was in the 3'x5'girls bathroom doing her laundry then Lisa heard the shower and went to look why? When Lisa opened the door, Julie was almost up to her neck standing in suds. She had used a 1/2 gal. of the new shampoo just purchased in the capital to wash 1 skirt. The whole bathroom was full and poured into the hall. Lisa acted upset, but had to rush to the bedroom to laugh and compose herself before the kids saw her....Some moments your too busy laughing to catch them on film.
Psalms 126 is true in many forms...Amen.