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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sweet and Sour

This week has been filled with sour heart wrenching things and trials, mixed moments of sweet glory for Christ too many to list on a post.

Example: We get our truck back with the absolute assurance it is ready to drive anywhere, I just smile. Lisa and I take it for a test drive to the Capital. 1 hour into the mountains (first time it has run more than 15 minutes!) it has used 1 qt oil, leaking radiator and no clutch. We turn around to try to make it back down and the rear end begins to howl and grind severely, but gets us home. Sitting in front of our house frustrated Omar’s little girl came over to the window to say hi. riding the bicycle Bary Jr rebuilt for her. We talk, then I ask how is it at home now. She replies Bien Bien (Good Good). I ask is it different now than a year ago. “oh Yes”…Why? …”Because Jesus is there now”…..Instantly the truck was a non issue, because we are here to work for the things that last forever.
You see last year, Omar was one of our passed out in the street neighborhood drunks who beat his wife…now has the eternal testimony of his daughter, and he and his wife are faithful members of the Cross Baptist Church. Amen.

We are sitting in our carport talking with Tono about stealing(A long hurtful story) when Miriam the lady who came forward for salvation in church 2 week ago stops in our gate to say thank you. She continues with a testimony; Since trusting Christ she is beginning to see things differently and she doesn’t understand why she wants to smile now….I was not about to burst her bubble and all I could do was say Amen.

Another new Christian, Suyapa (Niedy’s Mom) came over crying and asked if she could leave Neidy with us a few days for safety. Suyapa has been making some good but difficult choices since becoming a Christian. She was not going to allow her “man” to return to their home and knew it could get violent. They were never married and he is not the father. He is a drunk and a bad drug addict, a very wicked man who has already tried to rape Niedy. We added if Suyapa or the boys need a safe place they are welcome too. She began to give this testimony... Before coming to us that morning, mom and the young boys were walking back from town with this situation heavy on their hearts. One of her boys saw the beautiful newly refurbished old catholic church (A historical site here) and said…mom can we go in and pray? I had just taught it did not matter where you pray but your heart condition is what God hears. She entered to find no one. The young boys sat in a pew and began to pray. A man appeared, put his hand on their shoulder and said “The Lord is with you”. Suyapa quickly looked up yet he was gone. She then came to us to talk. I will let your mind contemplate this, but I am sure many of you will have the same thoughts I had.

The photo is Neidy and our girls in dresses that arrived this week, made by a ministering saint in the USA.

We need much prayer, situations we deal with here are dangerous in many ways.
Working with 3rd world poor and severely abused children and adults creates all kinds of issues most people never even think about… We work without a net so to speak.

As servants of Christ Jesus, we are willing to give our lives away…
for the things that last forever and things that never die.

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