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Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Church of Christ Jesus the true God...

We got enough building materials up the the mountian to finally begin construction. I helped lay out the foundation lines and Enemesio stayed all week to lay the foundation and will return Monday to continue work. Enemesio has walked a fine line laying the foundation for the ministry to be well received. Helping in situations no one else would/could. In the comunity to bring water, preaching house to house, teaching and witnessing. He wants to see his people, his birthplace saved and serve the LORD. Even the witch, the catholic priest, and Adventest pastor are now pleased a baptist church is growing there... The Bible says that when a man's ways please the LORD he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him....amen.

Friday we had another outreach in a different area working with Bro. Sabas and some of our church members. It is not a long trip but because of the rain, it was a very difficult passage up, having to lay rocks down and push the truck even in 4wd. Off road tires would help alot. The village was surprize to see us show up because they thought no one would come in these conditions. No one visits in good weather let alone bad. But I had promised Maria we would be there on friday...and we were. Made anouncements, shot off the candy cannon leaving a trail of smoke and more than 100 people came out to watch a movie. As the credits rolled ending the film, the rain returned with vengance. I began preaching in the rain. To our surprise eveyone stayed with more than 25 coming to ask Christ Jesus to save them, over half adults...amen! The trip down was so dangerous I had everyone get out and walk in the rain and mud. The truck kept sliding on the off camber rocks toward the cliff like it was on ice. The left front wheel found a small groove less than a foot from the edge. I was about to tie it off to a tree but with several men pushing and pulling we passed that area. Later Carlos humbled me with a comment that spoke volumes to me. "Barry I have been alot of places with you and said alot things preaching. This was the first time I was really scared. I must admit you live the truth you preach. " I said "Carlos was the LORD pleased tonight?" "Of Course Barry" "Then nothing else matters" Amen. Ask me in 1000 years was it worth it...

We also made an offer on property behind our house that was accepted...now we just need to come up with it all.....ops, details in the LORD's Hands. The purpose will be for the church, Bible institute, school, feeding center and maybe a short term safe haven for abused families. As the LORD provides and breaks hearts....AAMEN!

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour