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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thank You Lord for Your Goodness

The Turners are gone and our roller coaster ride of life continues. Work abounds here but so do the blessings. Christ’s ministry here this week has rescued the perishing, help one who was half dead, been a house of refuge, given a cold drink of water, defended the faith, proclaimed the gospel, taught the children, fed, clothed and offered the Love of God to all who enter in.

Both Suyapas came to us after our family and home class to talk.
Suyapa2 (Marcio’s mom) shared her concern about Marcio and how wicked some of his friends are, making it difficult for him. Pressuring him to do what they do, in an area where it is possible 1 in every 5 has AIDS, … very dangerous situation. We need to find a way to move him and give his new Christian roots time to grow. I need wisdom and providence in this. After a long very frank sometimes pointed talk, a weeping Suyapa looked straight at me and said… "I have brought my son and parents here to hear the gospel and they all asked Jesus to save them…I too need Jesus to save me”. After a moment of shock, We prayed and she believed on Christ Jesus. The Spirit of the LORD is at work. Amen and amen.

Suyapa 1 came in after to talk about her situation and Neidi. She needed assurance our home could be her refuge. She is in a dangerous situation and the threats she is being pressured by are real and life here is cheap. Because of our stand and involvement, these threats will soon turn toward us, especially if we get the authorities involved, which seems likely. Neidi said she was willing to go through with it all but I am not convinced just yet. In some ways this will be harder because the family involved lives all around us here.

Pastor Santos walked 5.5 hours down the mountain to visit with us and ask if we had medication for his wife. She had a miscarriage up in the mountain a few days ago and was very weak. Lisa was able to give them what they needed and he went to town to get some supplies. I told him to come back and I would drive him back up. While he was gone I was talking to one of my old bus ministry workers about Santos, his church building and things here. He pop up and said he wanted to help put a roof on the church to encourage that ministry. When I told the pastor he was excited. So off we go. This trip is a real test for the new truck…it worked flawlessly climbed like a mule sometimes feeling like your going straight up. It scrapped bottom lightly a couple of times over rocks because we had 7 men sitting in it, and picked up more riders on the way up, so it now has its first scratch and we can quit worrying about getting one amen!.. Since we have a welder… time to “modify it” for a 20 year life in ministry here…Amen.

Thank you LORD for your goodness and wonderful works toward the children of men. Psalms 107

One of our babies in the ministry got malaria this week and we were able to treat her. A mom of one of our ladies needed to be rushed to the hospital. Sasha defended her faith once again with the mormons. 6 people raised there hands for salvation in the Wednesday service…more follow up. amen.
Taking the Turners to the Airport we found ourselves in the midst of a transportation strike. (the taxis and busses block all the roads). The national guard and national police were called out to break it up. It seemed peaceful and we finally made it, but the news at night showed them turning over a Taxi that would not move…Welcome to Honduras.