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Friday, May 18, 2007


Maiden voyage hauling church building materials up the mountains in the new truck…. And rolled it over! Thankfully no one was hurt. We had a American pastor and two of his church members with us as well as Jeny and Barry Jr. Everyone crawled out the passenger window and left our cameras inside. oops. Once unloaded, we all pushed it back on to its wheels, started it to check it, then reloaded part of the load and made the delivery. Think of driving up a very rocky creek bed and you’ll understand the “road” we were on. The left rear wheel was pushing hard on a rock that moved and the tire went into the rock’s hole and over it went. The joke the rest of the day was me looking for a scapegoat. Someone else to blame, to say it was their fault not mine. Tried blaming Jeny but she would not take blame. Instead returning a pointing finger “You Papi” with a giggle and smile. Finally I settled on… it was the American men’s wives back in the USA. Yup, if they had fattened up the men sitting on the right side of the truck it would not have rolled. But I kept thinking, I think Adam tried that too in the garden…Anyway.

The church was blessed and encouraged on the mountain. The men’s hearts were broken in what they saw with lots of tracts distributed. In eternal value the trip was easily worth it, in worldly value it will be a 2-3 thousand dollars in repairs. I really do not have to worry about the kids scratching it now….:)

We took all the children for AIDS and Hepatitis testing again Thursday. Because of their stories, we included Jeny and Neydi as well. Results will be a 3:00 today.. Need prayer.

We have an evangelistic outreach planned out of the city for Sat as well that needs prayer.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie