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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Our 3 Piñata Week

One was a birthday party for Neydi. She had never had a real party and we asked her if she wanted to have one at school. So arrangements were made and we brought out a bounce house, cupcakes and piñata for her class. It was a really good time for all. Lisa found a cheap red bicycle as well that lit up her eyes to make it a day to remember. Neydi gave Lisa her first kiss and hug. Her walls are coming down. On mothers day Lisa wanted have a piñata just for moms after church. It was great, they all turned into little girls for a moment just to beat candy and prizes out of a paper lady. Even some of our great grandmothers swung a few times. Another church family made food for all, children made gifts and handed out flowers. I could not help thinking like a papa proud of his children…I believe the Lord was pleased.

Our voodoo circus is back and their presence affects the spirit in the neighborhood. We even had a black cat with a slit throat put on the church property. A lot of superstition here.

Our third piñata was Jeny. Ok not really but she is beat up like one. Lisa took several of the children on a bike ride Sunday and a car swerved and hit Jeny. She was unconscious for a short time. We got her to the Hospital for x-rays and set her dislocated shoulder thankfully, no broken bones. AMEN. She will be out of school for at least a week and is doing fine right now. What added to the panic is our new truck is broken (Starter?) so we had to rush to get the old one going to rush her to the pay hospital and call the doctor in (We have his cell phone). No 911 here. Keep her in prayer.

Karen also re-infested with parasites…why? We caught her and Sayder using straws to drink toilet water… eeww…. could use prayer too…

We leave at 5am to take the truck to the dealer tomorrow by 8 and hope it is done before we need to pick up pastors at the airport. Pray for their time here to be fruitful for Christ Jesus.

A sizable donation has been made from a ministering saint of our LORD. About 1/3 of what is needed for property. We have chosen to use it as seed money for church property which is a major encouragement to the church. The church folks have sacrificed and put over $1000 toward property as well. Still a long way to go though.

Directline Ministries is also accepting shoebox gifts to ship in a container for our ministry at Christmas. If you want to help or get your church involved please contact us--
britcompel@msn.com or Paul Deem through their website info www.directlineministry.com
Don’t wait till Christmas…