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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Issues and Baggage

Issues and baggage from sin filled lives. The children we now have come from some very bad environments. It comes at no surprise that the sin nature they were born with was gorged and made fat. Therefore, will take some time to starve off and mortify it. Example, we have had a ongoing issue with theft over the months each dealt with appropriately and proportionally. Never the less returning, just more creative each time. Even church offerings disappeared. This week we may have crossed the tipping point for the good…finally. All the children have issue in this but Alba and Toño are key and where the most pressure was applied. After finding the last money hidden in a mattress and under a vase, and taped to the back of a drawer, We picked up Alba from school in the middle of classes and parked in front of child services to talk…ok preach. It was very open, two side and frank, lasting more than 7 hours. But the end result was glorious, for it is rare see a soul cry out for Jesus as Alba did. The closest example from the Bible is Mark 10:47 Bartimaeus healed. After praying there was a calm in her face that was missing before and while I was actually thinking this, she look at me and said “Papi, I’m not scared, that I'm living a lie anymore, thank you for loving me even when it hurts and no one else would.” I was stunned, and overjoyed at what I had seen take place. But the job was not done The Bible was opened to John 8:1-8, for this is a very appropriate passage in our discussion from every perspective. But ended with... go and sin no more…. Pray she has lost her baggage. AMEN!

Toño was a different matter, he did not humble under instruction, his heart was hard. He is every bit a small version of his father whom we helped put in jail; stealing, lying, even beating and threatening the girls in secret. He needed a shock lesson. I talked with child services and they agreed to the entire plan. They were to pick him up and put him in jail to await an opening in the juvenile institution. The police were also informed and emphasized their part. After a few hours he began to beg and plead to return to papi’s house till the police brought the child services back in to listen to him. He promised to obey, not abuse his sibling, nor lie or steal…if true it is a good start. The lawyer walked him to our house at 10:30 pm to ask if we would take him back. I said if he was repentant and asked for forgiveness and wanted to change the Bible says I have no choice but yes. He began to cry and jumped into my arms repeating over and over "I’m sorry papi"….In the days since returning he has shown a much more humble spirit. The road we travel may not paved or straight but pray it is going down hill now.. Amen.

On other news. The first of the funds have arrived to begin the church building in Los Tererros. We will be purchasing material on Monday and taking it up…in the new truck amen!

Also an offer to help replace the roof on the building for Pastor Santos’ church in Agua Caliente. That will be a major blessing as well. It will be ready when the doctors visit in July. Amen!

Pray, for our church still need a place to meet. Property, building.. something. Near 100 degrees under a tent is tough on anyone.

Suyapa and Neydi: Suyapa agreed to meet with Child Services about the danger to her and Neydi, and we made arrangements to do so Monday. But at 2am friday he was put in jail for abuse for trying to lite her on fire while she slept. We now will meet on Sunday. For safety, pray he stays in jail. Within our ministry we have numerous situations of women getting saved and wanting to do right but traped physically by force/threat or financially in dangerous situations. No welfare here. The formula is simple: no man, no work no eat, for them or their children. Pray for wisdom as we guide and help as our LORD Jesus would.
I often feel like I am chained to a tree on a beach watching people, friends and family drown just out of my reach. Lisa and I want to do more....Pray that we can reach them and our chains loosed.

Carlos our interpreter, friend, sunday school teacher, my right arm most of the time shared he led his wife Luz to the LORD a week ago. And he has seen a godly humility sprout forth as good fruit since. As he was telling me this he got a text message from her asking for permission to do something...I was amazed for 2 weeks ago that would not have happened.
Lives changed for eternity... what other work has that value?

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie