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Monday, May 28, 2007

A rescue mission a yard from hell

"Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell; I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of hell." -- C.T. Studd

What would it be like to live a yard from hell in a rescue mission? I was sitting outside last night talking to Carlos and watching the neighborhood. Doing what we could to help. A whirlwind of events took place around us, numerous things happening. Mariana (one of our newly saved ladies) rushed by without stopping, crying out, “I need to talk to you.” Two other women at the end of the street began fighting with knives over food. An 11 year old boy ran by with his mother chasing him, cursing and throwing rocks at him. Another lady was yelling at and chasing her older promiscuous teenage daughter with a stick, the girl laughing as she ran from her. Neydi and Suyapa walked over to talk about Neydi being sick and wanting to return living with us. Then Suyapa's drunk "man" stumbled by us, barely able to stand, staggering his way home. I looked at Suyapa and her grimace said it all. He returned a few minutes later heading back to the bar. Another drunk man about to pass out at our window, began undressing with 3 teenage boys hovering and watching, just waiting to rob him. Barry Jr chased them off before the police showed up and arrested yet another man in the liquor store for fighting. All the while working these issues, Carlos and I were talking about the property the mayor wants us to buy for the church…basically all the slum housing in an effort to improve the area. The world’s way of solving problems…move them elsewhere. Several folks came by to say the police arrested Mariana too, only to see her walk back a few moments later. She had been arguing with the man in the liquor store. She sat down next to us and began to cry and pour her heart out. She had just found out the man she was arguing with was in a relationship with her husband….aaaahhhh. Now she and her house need to be tested for aids, because of the extremely high percentage of those engaging in sodomy here also have aids…Some say more than 70 or 80%. Honduras has the highest rate of aids in the Americas. She also shared she needs to find a new job because since trusting the LORD she cannot in clear conscience work for the Liquor store owner. She made food there. This was bothering her before this, right now it is unbearable. We stopped and all prayed. I would love to turn the slums into a rescue mission…but the LORD must open some hearts and eyes because I cannot do it alone.

The property outside the city for an orphanage etc. was sold before we even looked at it. The man on the property lost it to the corprativa holding company who had already sold it. He was trying to sell it again and take off with the funds….Welcome to Honduras- wisdom is needed in everything here. The mayor suggested a property out of the city toward Nicaragua. So, Sunday we loaded up in the newly repaired Kia (Amen!) to go see it. It was one of the most beautiful properties we have seen here to date, something you would dream about owning…21 manzanas (36 acres) of every kind of fruit tree and coffee. Good water and sewage. A creek and a small adobe home right on the Pan- American Highway…problem? $50-60,000 short. We thanked the Mayors helper for showing it to us, and looked at one other property of 2 manzanas for $12,000 but it had no electric or water and was off the road a ways. So, for now, this idea is just a dream.

I talked with Enemensio this morning. The older lady(the village elder's wife in LosTerreros) we picked up in Tegucigalpa and brought to Choluteca a few weeks ago, passed away yesterday. But not before trusting Christ with Enemensio. Amen! The new truck is a blessing, taking supplies into the mountians, giving a dieing grandmother her last ride home or pulling out a stuck neighbor from the muddy street and handing out tracts...why? Added example: The elderly lady's family has asked Enemesio to preach at the funeral…they are all not saved. Now, they shall hear the truth. Amen. Tommorrow we will be taking building supplies to Los Tererros and Thursday sand and cement up to Agua Calliente on Friday doing an outreach up in the mountian in Fray Lassero. Pastor Santos and the church men finished the church roof and wants to do the Ormundo Bible Institute in Agua Callente with the men. AMEN!

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie

"The best remedy for a sick church is to put it on a missionary diet." -- David Livingston