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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Candles, Cake & County Jail

Pastor Bossley, Brother Wellington and Brother Ben are gone. I believe we wore them out. They had several opportunities to preach with more than 15 trusting Christ. The last day we went a saw the 70+ year old Lady Maria I led to Christ last year and she ran up to the truck hugged and kissed me. Loaded up the truck and bounced down the rocky path for the movie and preaching. The outreach brought 125+ folks in and the men fed them bananas and tracts. Several churches were blessed this week and many hearts touched. In all, it was a really good visit.

Several things have happened since. 2 properties have come up for sale; one for the church in Choluteca; the second 3.5 acres 15 kilometers outside the city for the orphanage/home/farm/ another church and ? It already has a well, electric and a 60x20 warehouse type building that the owner is living in. Ben had discussed manufacturing vitamins while visiting…Hmm, there’s a huge need. But the property is $20,000….always a catch. 19 of us loaded into the minivan we rented (our truck is being repaired Amen!) and went to view the property. All felt it would be perfect for ministry if God opens this door…

church property in the city is $12,000 and crosses behind our home from street to street with a section down to the river. We have about ½ of the funds needed. The property we were renting from the bar was sold again. This is good news and bad… (Good) The new owner is going to build a house there, not a bar… (Bad) in 3 months…..So the church really needs a meeting location soon.
Below is just one reason for an orphanage/home/farm/ future church location out of the city….All the children need the freedom to go out and play without fear.

Example--Wednesday, Barry Jr. was outside our home riding his bicycle and 3 policemen stopped him. Officer Maradiaga reached and took his pocket knife and tried to take his bike with no explanation. Barry Jr. came in and told me the police just stole his knife. I went out with a camera and called to them but they laughed and kept walking. I told Barry Jr. to go take a picture of him to show to the police chief…He got too close, the next thing that happens is they beat him in the head and arrested him. Several church members saw it happen and rushed back to where I was. Peddling there on a borrowed kids bike, I got the camera back and tried to talk to them, by then they were mad and put him in a truck. I continued to take pictures and went to the police station. Within 15 minutes many from our church showed up to show support. The “posturing” and lies began, trying to intimidate us. When we called a local news reporter Carlos knows and a police commissioner in the capital Omar knows, things began to move in the right direction. I made it clear if I left the next call was to the embassy. They asked if I would sign a paper for his release. No problem as long as it has NO lies in it. They did not know what to do with someone who insisted on the truth because God demands it. The release paper went through several “revisions”. Till it finally said we a
re releasing him to his father because we find no fault in him…..They were looking for a way out because they knew they had beat and arrested an American minor for simply taking pictures…. Wisdom says it is good to move them out of the city.

Even with all this, Church that night was sweet, with a surprise birthday party for Lisa. The folks here have truly adopted us as their own. More than 60 people packed in our carport in the dark (power was out with a heavy downpour) for candle service, reading the bible and the ladies feeding everyone food and cake. In the USA it would be a nice thing to do…here with the money they do not have… it is a grandiose gesture of love….AAAmen. Keep us before the throne of grace we need every prayer.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie