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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

911-Do It Yourself

Carlos is out of the Hospital...sort of. Because of poor sanitation and the risk of infection so high, everyone, including the surgeon, suggested he be moved out of the Socialized Hospital. (all doctors here are required to donate time every week at the socialized hospital) Mold on the ceilings, no ventilation, many sick in one room, cats wandering in licking plates and people as they slept, (we chased them out from under Carlos’ bed on every visit), no screens for mosquitoes (dengue and malaria are here) . I watched the nurse give him a shot without cleaning anything, then go to the next patient and do the same (at least she used a different needle…why? Because you bring your own.)… So we had the doctor from the pay hospital make the arrangements to move him. Omar is a constant blessing and a surprise to us. He showed up in a borrowed ambulance and “we” moved him. 911/Home Depot style (do it yourself). God always amazes me in surrounding us with the right people at the right time. Carlos is in a much cleaner place under better care until he goes home.

Just the calm and peace it gave Carlos will allow him to heal faster. It will cost $300 for the week including the medication, because “the workman is worthy of his hire” and the good samaritian would have done the same for a stranger. Carlos is a major part of the ministry here and we felt something needed to be done, even if it hurts.

What puzzles me is we are trying to donate a large amount of medical supplies from ORH to the socialized hospital and we have yet to get the government to give permission…all we need is a letter of acceptance. But in a day where everyone wants credit for the good and someone else to blame for problems... it's hard.

One blessing in the socialized hospital was tracts. Lisa and I brought in the chick tracts left by the last pastors and four of us handed them out in both wards. It was funny looking around seeing literally everyone, more than 100 people; nurses, patients, visitors, all reading tracts. Amen

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,