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Saturday, June 09, 2007

So you like Socialized Care?

Carlos is now in the socialized care hospital here in Choluteca. The papers stating the severity of the emergency from the pay hospital put him in the front of the line so to speak. He is scared but knows God is in control. While Omar was visiting today he led a man to Christ, who was severely burned in the bed next to Carlos …with Carlo’s help even in excruciating pain. It was Omar’s first time to witness. What a testimony. When the church folks arrived they would not let us in. We all had to sneak in 2 by 2. He was in a room with about 25 men in it with various sicknesses or problems, with no ventilation, only one open window. I went out and got hand sanitizer and told Carlos to rub it all over all the time….. They were supposed to get his sugar down but they forgot about him and did not give him the right meds. When the doctor arrived he had to possibly delay it till Monday. Carlos was in tears in pain. About a dozen church folks gathered around, held hands and began to pray. The whole room went silent and many bowed and prayed with us. After Carlos said the prayer made the pain and the worry subside. Amen. He shared not only did his car’s distributor get stolen, but he had a flat, his dog died and the police called about the smell and the birds eating it, bothering neighbors, plus the rabbit in his house had 5 babies, all since he got sick.

Omar and I are going to fix Carlos’ car as a surprise. It is a 30 year old Datsun he uses as a taxi to support his family but it is in sad shape.(he uses it much for ministry as some of you already know) The interior is bad, the windshield is so broken one can hardly see, needs tires, and now a distributor, and some rust repaired. If anyone is led to help in this or any of the many other unexpected expenses occurred as of late please listen to the Holy Spirit. I just keep going forward, letting my LORD worry about filling the tank…Amen!

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie