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Monday, June 25, 2007

Another week of ups and downs on the Honduras road. The city decided to dig drainage in front of the Whensawe property. Great, except they left a ditch and a rock hard mountain of dirt in front. No way to enter. So Barry Jr and Omar set out to fix it. Blanca was there helping clean to get it ready for the doctors to arrive with her children after school. Maria(6) climbed up the container and fell off on the walled side into a barb wire fence. She was rushed to the Hospital and was ok, but got a few stitches, broke one of her adult teeth and a bump on the head. It could have been a lot worse.

Several La Cruz church members wanted to visit and see the church in Los Tererros. I needed to pick up Enemesio on Saturday so we took about 12 of us up the mountain. At the highest point we stopped to pray. Marco prayed as we looked out over the city talking about a white field. After arriving at the church all gathered near the hole dug for a baptismal in the floor of the church to pray. It moved Enemesio to tears. It was good for the church folks to see.

The truck transmission noise is continuing to get louder and the timing for this is bad…as if there is a good time for repairs. We need it to finish the church and right after for the medical team…If we take it in to be fixed now the church will not get done…if we wait till after we will not have it for the medical team….

Our first 40’container of food was due but the shipper had an accident with the truck. It is now due for Monday with no room except our house. That’s 12 people in a 1000sf house that has 0 yard. Now we’ll be using the living room, kitchen, bedrooms and halls for food storage…We Really need to get a church building here in the city. To add to it, in a short time feeding 41+extra mouths in the house with the medical team here.

Today was La Cruz Baptist Church one year anniversary. Carlos preached, several gave teary eyed testimonies, a potluck dinner and a time of fellowship. It was real sweet. Talking we all realized something. As one drives into Choluteca, the first thing everyone sees as they arrive at the bridge in the city skyline is the Old Catholic Church buildings. The new church property would be in between, right in line of sight. Everyone smiled and said we need a big lighted cross on the roof. We shall see…I would be satisfied with just a roof so as not to have to put up tents every week. Amen!

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour