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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's all in the LORD's hands

Carlos is out of the hospital for real this time. Doing well. Omar and I repaired the windshield and a little rust on the car fixed and painted as a get well soon gift. When he saw it he began to cry deeply. Between breaths explained, even his family does not care for him as much as the people in ministry here…Amen. We are hoping to have him preach for our 1st year anniversary for La Cruz Baptist Church. Yup, 50-100 of us have been meeting in a tent for a year now. With the constant heat, rain, bugs, drunks, street venders, hecklers and a continual threat of no place to meet next week. It has been amazing to see this little church grow in the LORD and lives changed for eternity. Prayerfully, we will finally sign on property the LORD provided today. Amen

The second church in Los Tererros has walls up on the church building. The medical team from ORH will be here in July to use it as a major outreach point…Amen. They have been instrumental in getting it constructed…Thank you LORD for your humble willing servants. The people that live in Los Tererros are strong in many ways, very closed community. With our numerous trips up the mountain carrying materials for the church, the ministry truck has become the local bus. We have not made a trip up or down the mountain without giving people rides. (Sometimes 24 at a time). This too has made an impact. One teenage girl we spoke with starts walking to school at 3am down the mountain…In the USA we had a hard time just waking them up. As for our truck, it began making a noise yesterday and a leak in the transfer case was found. No surprise it has spent almost 3 weeks in 4wd low. Now back to the dealer. Pray it will be an easy, cheap, quick, fix under warranty. We really need it not to be down for days or weeks waiting on parts. Pray for the large medical team that is coming. They are very strong on evangelism. Amen.

Now for more minor news, we loaned out the smaller tent used for Sunday school class to another ministry here and it finally came back. Although no one told us it had been ripped severely and we did not know….until we needed to use it. It’s all in the LORD hands Amen.