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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Honduras Funeral

Our first real funeral for The Cross Baptist Church. Maria Cristina passed away yesterday in the hospital of hepatitis. She was a grandmother to many here and had made a profession of faith several months ago. In prayer requests since she repeatedly asked for salvation of her children. The family, though mostly Catholic, asked the church to do the services, preach and pray. I chose to have Carlos do the service and he did great. It was an impassioned plea and all heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. (What your mother wants!) The truck was also the hearse, and we physically helped bury her. (The family digs and buries their own) More than 200 walked to the cemetery. Several grand kids handed out a few hundred Gospels of John with salvation plan in it. It was a bitter sweet experience but Christ was glorified.

Earlier in the week we took the children to the river for an afternoon out. I drove to an area where the river parts and forged about 2 feet of water to park on the island. The children were wading with Sasha in the wide shallows, but it quickly drops into shallow rapids. I though its not too dangerous but I need to walk a little down stream just in case. I no sooner got to where I was going to sit and watch when Karen sat down and was sweeped down river under water. I had to jump in and lift her but could not stop and was now under water instead. I finaly caught a rock and was able to hand her off to Sasha and get out. It scared us more than it scared Karen. If I had missed, it would have been very difficult to catch her. The LORD is in everything even terror, for the children brought up later, the story we used months ago to explain the depth of our love for them. A fictional story saving them from drowning, even at our own peril. It now has deepened….Amen.