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Friday, July 13, 2007


Busy prepping for the doctor team from Operation Renewed Hope to arrive, so my blog time has been light. But the work of the LORD continues. The Church building in Los Tererros will be finished before the doctors arrive. Roof tiles going on today. Bro Dan Asher has been here with his son helping and sleeping with Barry Jr on the mountain.The 10 tables and 15 benches requested for the medical team have been made. Still working at cleaning and repairing all the tents needed; a 40x40, 2-20x30, 20x20,and 15x15 tents. Each will serve as a doctors office or evangelistic tent. Prepping properties, spraying for ants, mowing(with machetes), getting eletric, amplifiers ect still to do in all 4 locations. We are hoping for more than 1200 folks to show up for preaching. Amen. Wendsay we took 96 pieces of lumber and a cubic meter of sand up the mountain in one load. As we turned off the highway to start the climb, an ice cream truck was there waiting on us. Why? The government hired him to take the refrigerated vaccinations to Los Tererros but he could not make the final 5 km climb. He asked if we would take the cooler to the nurse already in Los Tererros…all in a days work. Then more folks got on the always overloaded truck and up we went…the front wheels actually floated off the ground in one steep section of the climb. Our budget is stretched beyond belief getting the church built so we had to improvise on metal plates for the trusses. We found old refrigerators and tin roofing and cut them up and nailed them on with 30 lbs of nails…Dan thought his work might be easy…Welcome to Honduras where it takes twice the effort to go the same distance…But the rewards are sweet. Amen

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