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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just the Facts

Just the info as I know it for now, more detail to follow as time allows.
Los Tererros 2 day total 169 decisions for Christ 247 in services
Agua Calente 2 day total 140 decisions for Christ 320 in Services
Whensawe Center almost 200 decisions for Christ with more than 4oo in services
La Cruz 2 day 60 decisions for Christ with 220 visiting doctors
That is more than 500 souls making professions of faith...amen!
OTHER Tid bits
1 distressed baby born...would have died
4 or more rushed off the mountain to Hospital
Treated all sorts of ailments from simple to deadly...
Several surgerys, hundreds of teeth pulled, Our Churches dentist(Ermita) may go on a future trip with ORH
Many touched by Christ Ministering Saints...."LORD, When Saw We Thee" AMEN!

I have seen many a ministry, ORH is without a doubt one of the best, most effective ministries I have ever seen by obeying the Bible in deed and in truth.....