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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Children's Day Choluteca 2007

Honduras celebrates a “Day of the Children” as a national holiday. What a church opportunity to teach and share. So we did. 110 people crowded under the tent for preaching in the hot sun. The church members took on the cost and responsibility of doing a piñata and feeding the children. This gave me a joy unspeakable. Our ladies along with Daisy and Alba began cooking at 6:30am on our home made oven to feed the children after church. More than 150 were served a meal, given a tract and a Bible. Afterward the piñata was hit, the gospel train ran, Candy Cannon shot off and City of Jericho bounce house was used….until we got caught in the rain anyway. It soaked everything to our chagrin. It meant Barry Jr and I had to put everything back out the following day just to dry, backbreaking… but the neighbor hood children loved the second chance playtime…and Angels in heaven rejoiced.

Sasha is now in college and called to tell me of some she has already led to Christ…Amen. She is already missed much here. Lisa is due back on Thursday, Julie’s Birthday, and is bringing her a special doll.
Speaking of gifts REMEMBER the shoeboxes on the Chirstmas post a couple of stories down...now it the time to start.

Counting the Heavenly Value of it All…..
Barry Ritchie