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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Counting the Value

Just a question.
How do you you measure the value of?
* Hearing a impoverished child walking by your window at 6:00am singing the hymns from your congregation… during your devotion.
* Or a Mountain Pastor visiting to say thank you with eyes ready to flow over. Why? 2 families are living in the church building for refuge after a hurricane…A church that you helped build.
* Or giving food to a needy family and the child says thank you first...
*Or giving thanks for prayer in tears that move a hurricane.
*Or dropping 7 abused and abandonded children off at a Christian school and each one stops to give a hug and “I love you papi” as they exit...
And it is only 8am.
Do you want to die working your job like I do or... retire?

Truth be told you cannot measure things of infinite value this side of Heaven…

Welcome to Honduras Sept 6th, 2007.