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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Playing Mr. Mom for the last couple of weeks has left little time to do other things. But the LORD has rewarded with some heartwarming moments. In the capital after dropping Lisa and Sasha at the airport we (all the children an me) stopped in at a bookstore. The children wanted several items but one was a children’s Bible Devotional. Alba and Jenny have been reading it to the family nightly before prayer and bed time since…This is a reward from the LORD. Sayder got into trouble last week in school and a note was sent home telling us about it and explaining he needed a reading book. Prior to this year Sayder had never been to school(2 years late) could not recognize letters or numbers ect. Today he came up sat behind me with his new book and began to sound out all the words…and actually read and understand the story…It was another reward from the LORD. In ministry one sometimes wonders “Am I doing what the LORD wants?” Then the affirmative hug and I love you for a child sneaking up behind you while you work, or a chorus of “thank you for the food papi” Even though Barry Jr actually cooked it…(yet another moment.). Even asking the 3 and 4 year old Eric and Christian, "Who ate the coolaid powder?" And both quickly point toward each other with red tongues and mouths covered in red powder.... The LORD has a way of confirming our hearts in deed and in truth... Kids give many a sermon illustration that often speak more truth about adults than the kids...

Unworthy to be this blessed,