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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Lord Works in.....

Another day in Honduras. Our landlord is finally fixing the roof. He has given the excuse for 2 years he could not find someone reliable to fix it…so it continued to leak worse and worse. Filling in many places filling a 5 gallon bucket in 20 minutes. The last time he gave that excuse, I said I would find someone if he would pay him. Pastor Enemesio to the rescue. It will be a 3 day job reshuffling the roof tiles and replacing bad wood, bad tiles and cementing areas.
At the end of the day many of the neighborhood children were in the street running around unsupervised. (A daycare type outreach is much needed) When the screech of tires and the ominous thud you never want to hear. A few moments later a woman screaming. A taxi had hit a 5 year old boy named Oscar Alvarando. An impoverished mother picked him up unconscious and bleeding everywhere, then in a panic started to run back to her plastic home on the river. Lisa and I stopped her, Lisa wrapped him in a towel put him in our truck and rushed them to the pay hospital. If he had internal injuries or head trauma time was key. The taxi driver saw the crowd gathering and fled off. I called Carlos and asked if he knew the taxi numbers owner. He said no, But saw him a few minutes later on the other side of town and flagged him for a ride. He then informed him everyone saw him. And an American missionary had the boy at the emergency room. The man was scared to death. He met us at the doctors and was pleading for mercy from us and from the parents not to call the police. He did not have money to pay the hospital bill, and there was no way the family had the money. The father admitted they were not watching the child and he was running wild in the street near naked and chose not to press charges, but only after the Doctor said he was going to be fine and stitched him up. We paid the hospital, doctor and x-rays, gave them the meds needed to the grateful family. Then told the driver he could pay his part by showing up in church with his family for a month. He happily agreed. The entire neighborhood saw the events unfold, The LORD’s people should not be ones to stand and watch or pass on the other side. We shall see how this affects the church….Time will tell knowing the LORD works in mysterious ways.
Unworthy Servant to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour