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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lisa is Back!

Lisa is back! She hand carried a special doll for Julie’s Birthday. Because of the Hurricane the airline allowed extra luggage and Lisa brought back lots of stuff…Customs was not happy and gave her a very hard time to the point other passengers began to complain. But it all worked out and she got through once a supervisor stepped in.

Many things are happening and on the “to do” list now. I will be going to the USA for a missions conference in late Oct. We have 2 groups of friends visiting in October. Several outreaches planned and we would like to help Pastor Santos put on a children’s SS room. And church Doors and Windows for Pastor Enemesio. Enemesio has his motorcycle! Still learning to ride it and needs to get his license. God’s ministering saints always amaze me. Only wish more christians would listen and be blessed. Many tears in heaven of the “should of” or “could of’ opportunities missed.

Some things are still a major struggle. We have large roof leaks in our house and the landlord only offers promises. He wants to sell it to us rather than fix it. I would consider it for a church property....but more issues. $ being a major one. As a house it has no place to let the children play… Still need properties for an orphanage and for a church. Outside the city is best for a orphanage but the La Cruz Baptist church needs to be in our neighborhood. The property we have been trying to buy is in conflict…several owners in a family all fighting with one another. (one photo is from the property we are looking to buy) Plus part is about ready to flood and the owner still thinks it is a goldmine because an American is interested. Our river is at flood stage. Lots of rain during and after the hurricane has finally reached us. It is now touching the red danger zone painted on the bridge. Putting tents up in the rain for church means only the most faithful and healthy will be in church…Difficult to grow in but the roots go deep. We have had several issues with families; Because of the 2 ladies and the little boys a few weeks back, the church has a reputation of fighting with each other. In reality far from the truth but Satan is subtle and magnifies every flaw. Neydi’s mom Suyapa is expecting again and Neydi has withdrawn from school and is working. You preach, pray, weep, reprimand, love, aid, rescue, pour your time, heart, resources out and help, then see someone throw it away for a moment of pleasure or fear. One thing is for sure, Honduras has allowed me to see the world in a much more christlike way…and it is heartbreaking.
Working for the “Day of Rejoycing!” for it is not far.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour