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Friday, September 14, 2007


Putting out an intercessory plea for Paster Enemesio. As many of you know he is the pastor up in Los Tererros. The church has begun with a bang and he has been diligent in preaching, visiting, soulwining, and helping the people in general. He worked on the church building for a couple of months without income for his family.(he is a carpenter by trade) And now rides his bicycle 33+ kilometer up the mountain for each service. Quite a feat when you see the mountain and the road, then consider he is 60 years old. I could not do this when I was 25. He has not complained nor asked for help in this, but it is wearing on him and 1 John 3:17 keeps coming to mind. I have rescued him on several occasions when his old bicycle broke down. As the LORD opens the door, the prayer is to purchase a small motorcycle for him; To be used to visit and ease his burden/need. It would help the new church grow and even deliver a few things. The cost for a new 150cc motorcycle, helmet and license is about $1000 dollars. Really not a lot in American eyes, but a fortune for him. If our LORD lays it on your heart to help in some way please let us know.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,