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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Moves You?

What moves you?

What strikes a melody in your heart and makes your heart rejoice in the LORD?

Watching children play in the rain…then adding dish soap for bubbles to the sidewalk and listen to the giggles.

While on your knees praying alone at 6am, having 2 children in our Children’s Lighthouse quietly come up and hug you and begin praying with you…

Seeing several visitors come to a packed church in a dirty carport…and asking for salvation.
Rushing a young boy for x-rays and stitches who was caught in the cross fire of 2 older boys throwing rocks…then 2 hours later having the mother of the hurt boy give the quiet seat prize in church to the boy who threw the rock…..

Hearing “I love you Papi” 50x a day

Having an elderly church lady meet you in the street and give a hug you so tight around your neck you can’t breath; just so she can say God Bless you.

Giving a 12 year old girl, who had been abused and abandoned, her wish for her birthday. Then also be blessed to play a part in her transformation and watch her blossom into a godly young lady….

Having a wife who worked more laboriously then you all day, roll over and rub your back as you drift off to sleep…..
I have been allowed a small taste of heaven…and want more, for there is no greater joy.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,