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Friday, October 12, 2007

Amazing what a week brings.

Amazing what a week brings. Stephen, a 23 year old young man is here to allow God to search his heart about full time ministry. The thought; instead of a hotel give him a real Honduras trip, popped into mind. The Holy Spirit prompted the question in church, “Who wants this young man to stay with them for a night?” I was thinking 1 or 2 folks would do it and the rest of the time would be with us or a hotel. No, every night got taken. He is living with our folks from a substance farmer to a dentist. Last night stayed with Bro Sabas, and they are suppose to walk 250 lbs of food up to Maria’s home in the mountain. I told him if he didn’t then the 70 year old Maria would….He chose the honorable answer. We shall see what’s left of him today…
2 Trips were made to Agua Calliente to deliver roof tiles, for a SS class, wood, sand cement, food, medicines and pastors study books to Pastor Santos. Raining continuously, crossing places where water/mud is over the tires. Many tracts handed out. Stephen was amazed to see you could toss tracts out and people would run to pick them up…even in the rain.
Daisy a 14 year old girl saved in our church wanted to ride up with us and help. It actually gave me 4-5 hours to teach and talk with her as both a pastor and a father figure. (her father was killed in a bar fight when she was small). She tickled me when I asked has anyone else every talked to you like this or about these things….only Sasha was her reply. She had come to me after church Wednesday and shared her struggles. It was refreshing to hear a newly save young person explain the trouble she has having a TV in the house and other influences. I told her to bring the tv to our house and go cold turkey for a week. Instead read, study, pray and do things for the LORD. After one week I would let her borrow a small dvd player with a screen that has no ability to play TV and have her and her family watch some of the thing we have; some entertaining, some educational. After 2 weeks I would sit down with the family and talk.
Our children received gifts from pastor Bennetts children in the USA. We sat them down and called the Pastor as they opened them so they could hear the thank yous. Is was a fun shared experience.
Toño, Sayder and Karen got sick this week and needed 3 injections each…which you do yourself here.
Sasha called from college and shared with a broken voice she had gone to the altar in church and surrendered to full time ministry. She also told me she had the privilege of leading an entire Spanish speaking family to the LORD and they were in church too…3John 1:4 no greater joy.
We have a close friend and his son flying in Monday to allow the LORD to work as well.
A Joyful yet unworthy Servant,