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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fell among theives

I have said often, Honduras has allowed me to see and live more of the Bible than I ever did before. What does this sound like to you? A young man 24 wandered into church services Sunday, afterward he humbly only asked for prayer. His name was also Stephen as is our other USA visitor. He is insulin diabetic, had been beaten up and robbed. He had managed to call his family earlier to help but it was Sunday and tomorrow is a national holiday (No banks or western union open). He asked people around the town center (The Catholic Park) where a church was and they told him to find the people under the tent. There is an underling prejudice here that makes no sense. He is dark skinned native Indian and was born in the Mosquito Coast area on the north coast. He has family in Rotan in the north and was just trying to get there. He had come down from a university school in the USA for a friends wedding in Nicaragua. Almost daily we have people beg for things and we help as the spirit leads in wisdom. The LORD giving wisdom to prove them. We have chased all kinds of false stories even going to the hospital looking for a dead baby. This time was different than most, no red flags in my spirit. The Holy Spirit gave me what to do with a peace about it. He was put up in the local hotel we use and I told Abel the innkeeper to take care of him. Monday we went to the Airport so Carlos made sure he got on the express bus to the other side of the country where family is.
After, when all were comfortable, he shared that his father is a seafood exporter and is best friends with the new Honduras President…hhmm.

See any similarities? …. me too.

He called a day later to say he had made it and to say thank you again…Amen. Just a servant praising the LORD.

The river is still high after almost a solid week of rain. One area in which we have preached near Marcovia is flooded. A Message was sent to us, one family we had ministered to lost 3 members when the rescue boat over turned in the river. The father, his 8year old daughter and 11 year old son perished. We sent food to help for a while.

On a high note Carlos preached the message Sunday and 6 adults came forward for salvation and or Baptisms. We will be baptizing 6-9 folks next week Amen. Carlos had a bit of a dry spell in preaching not seeing anyone come to Christ, so he was overjoyed.

Pray for the outreaches this week, We plan to visit a new area. Plus return to Aguas Callente to help with a Sunday school room, install solar to power a near future Bible institute. Last trip up was hard and damaged the front bumper when we slid off a rock in the rain. We still need to purchase batteries, lights, wire ect for the panel and a few more materials for the classroom construction, if anyone is led to help....

Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,