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Friday, November 09, 2007

The Children's Lighthouse

I am back in Honduras! 2 Weeks of exciting news. The return flight was scary. 5 attempts buzzing the runway to land in the fog and high wind, and full power aborts; Landing at 4500’altitude, on a short, barely adequate, inner city runway, surrounded by mountains that you cannot see. The pilot had to fly to another northern city to refuel 2x to do so. Exhausted with some scared, 90% of the passengers got off and chartered a bus for the 5 hour drive after the last refueling. The pilot informed everyone that if he could not land this time he would be returning to the Miami airport. I knew there were 20 arms waiting there to give hugs and showed those around me the pictures and stayed onboard. So did they, thankfully we landed and I got my hugs. Welcome to Honduras where barnstorming in a 757 in not unusual. As we passed through customs those few sitting around me gave a thumbs up saying “good call.”

The missions conference in New England was great. Central Baptist Church is growing well and is now reaching out to Honduras with the Great commission. They are also packing crates to ship to Honduras Amen! Enroute to Central Baptist, I stopped in NY and visited a supporting church. One member had a nice small school bus for sale, diesel with a/c even. After talking to another ministry in New England a few weeks back who wanted to start a bus ministry, the brain was working overtime. Those who know me know this rings in my ears. When talking to the pastor that day he sounded discouraged because they could not afford a bus. Hmm, because ministering saints providing my tickets and fuel I had a little money in my pocket. The plan was to use it to purchase a new projector to use in the mountains. One we would not have to wait till it was totally dark to see. But the Bible still has 1 John 3:17 and it is a verse that is ever present in the Saviour’s servants. I called and said “Brother, are you going to use it for God’s Glory?” “Yes” “Will it help your family and ministry?” “Yes” “Then it is yours. It will be delivered Sunday night.” The LORD replaced the money less than 24 hours later and we got a projector. Amen! Just pvc pipe for the LORD. Why were those questions asked? Because they were the same questions asked of me by a ministering saint on the following blessing….

The LORD has given us 30 acres about 14 kilometers out of town to build the Children’s Lighthouse. A home for abused, abandoned and orphaned children, an answer to prayer, a place for the children to grow in the nurture and admonition of the LORD. This is the property that Lisa and I were shown a year ago. When we first saw it we both thought…it is going to be way too expensive for us to even consider…and it was. At the time it was 2 million lempira.($110,000). We did not have $100 let alone that…So that idea was shelved and we just waited on the LORD. Now because of God and his ministering Saints we will close, on the property next week without a mortgage...own it free and clear. Amen! Yesterday the children went out to play and pray on the property. Just a time to explore walk and see the new promised land filled with all manner of fruit; Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, coffee beans, mangos, corn, and more. It has 2 artesian wells and electric. This opens yet another door of ministry, but we cannot do it alone. It will take much more than we have to build and operate such a place. Never the less I know in whom we believe and He is able to send the ravens. God has more than 7000 sacrificing saints, even in today’s times, who listen to him, and have not bowed and loved this present world. Amen!

God's blessings will not lack God’s supply. If God says jump, I have no problem jumping out of the plane without a parachute and look for a chute on the way down…for if we obey Him and wait on Him, we mount up with wings as eagles…

While in the USA I had an opportunity to see our grand kids for the first time. One was born on the same day I flew to Honduras. A visit with Sasha in college was also squeezed in. I saw her play in the orchestra and took her out to eat and talk.

Please pray there is much to do and many needs ahead of us. Our church in the city still desperately needs a place to meet. We may need to build yet another church in Colonia as well…..

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour

Barry Ritchie

Honduras Missions