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Monday, October 22, 2007

Acts 1:8 Uttermost

Witnessing in the uttermost parts…The last couple of weeks has given an opportunity to present the gospel in several locations. Barry Jr and Carlos will continue with one more while I am away. It is rainy season here and the paths up the mountains are treacherous and rough. The kia has broken shock mounts, maybe a bad c/v joint and a few more dents and flattened tires from this last outing. Not to mention thick mud covering the inside…Muddy wet people getting in after moving rocks, digging, pushing, a truck up a mountain so a few more can hear the Good News. In the pouring rain, 100 people showed up to watch a movie and hear preaching in the rain at Colonia. 10 made professions of faith when Bro Sabas preached, Carlos continued preaching a second message making yet another plea and a 21 year old girl came forward. Afterward 2 village elders approached offering a free piece of land if we would help build a building and plant a church. They called again today to ask when? What a great door opening. Need wisdom, funds, laborers and prayer.

In Los Tererros the road was worse than I had ever seen it, 5 km took 1.5 hours. The truck got stuck in several places getting up and back down. So much so, in one location the axles were on the ground, everyone was exhausted, I looked at my watch, we had worked 51 minutes to remove the truck from a ravine and keep it from tipping over against the rocks. I prayed “LORD Everyone is at their wits end and we are about to quit. If someone is supposed to be saved tonight please get us up to the hard flat point within the hour…9 minutes later we were on hard ground and made it the rest of the way. 5 salvations including the young men who helped build the church building. Amen!

Yesterday was eventful at our church, La Cruz Baptist. Pouring rain, trying to fill a makeshift baptismal that leaked. It came time to baptize and it still was not full so a bucket brigade began filling it with our bottled drinking water. When that ran out, JD got into the underground water storage tank to hand up buckets…end result 15 were baptized. Amen.

Pastor Ramon asked if we would do an outreach in his church. About 30 of our church folks wanted to go as well. So we loaded up the 69 Datsun and the Kia and went. The last 2 blocks are so muddy only the kia could make it and we shuttled folks in. Also snapping a low power line. Omar was able to repair it and put it back up, before services were over. Several more professions made, Amen!

Andy and his son JD have seen our little world, I think the LORD is working in their hearts too. Though I don’t know how much more of a servants heart you can have than to shovel the manure out of the church…no really we have to share our church meeting place with cows….Amen.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour