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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fields of Fire

This in now our 3rd Thanksgiving in Honduras. The time of year here sugar cane crops are burned in the field prior to harvesting. Dozens of children were killed a few years ago in this process because they were playing in the fields when they were lit. It always makes me wonder who else is perishing in the flames…
We have much to give thanks for. Lisa prepared a meal for us Bro Sabas family, Carlos and Omar’s family. It was a good time of fellowship. Lisa also prepared food to give away in church to needy families (most), and did it by lot numbers in a bowl so everyone got a meal weather it was rice, beans or a basket with fixens and a few toys. The LORD always knows who to give what better than I do.
We also did more outreaches and preaching in Los Tererros and Colonia; Both with good results and many showing up. We returned to Colonia again yesterday to view property they would like to donate to build a church building on. It would also be a very needful location for a children’s feeding center. I have been praying about this village for a year and a half, now to see things moving so quickly is just amazing. God is good. It will not be long before a building is needed. We would like to purchase blocks, cement, wood and roof tiles. If anyone is lead to help in any way to be a blessing to this fledgling work, please let us know. In part or in whole as a church or SS project or someone has something sitting around to sell that could be put to the LORD’s use, or? An entire building like in Los Tererros in the photo is only about $7000; a rough break down is: $2000 for roof, $2000 for blocks, $2000 for Cement, $1000 for steel. Blocks are 60 cents, Roof Tiles are 25 cents. It could easily be used as a feeding center as well. Pray the right folks see this needs. Our little Kia truck many soon be hauling another 50 ton church building up a mountain, block by block of course…Amen!
One of the men I admire is George Muller. I have heard it said by folks he never asked for anything just prayed. I have though about this long and hard. This sounds noble yet lets many off the hook, because it is not true nor is it scriptural. Principle one- Faith cometh by…hearing. Muller traveled more than 17 years in 42 countries letting everyone he could know what the LORD was doing, obeying 1 Chr 16:8, Psalms 26:7…then there were answers to prayer. The Baker that delivered bread did so because he could not sleep for days thinking of what the children needed…How did he know? The check in the mail just in time.. It was the Holy Spirit pressing a mans heart about the things he had seen and heard. I too see these things happen in this way …..it is Bible principles in play; Bearing one another’s burdens, All things in common,
2 Cor 8:11-15 that now at this time your abundance may be a supply for their want, that their abundance also may be a supply for your want: that there may be equality. Paul is telling others about needs...
Yes the LORD sends ravens in the wilderness too. But more often He uses his ministering saints and allows them the privilege of storing treasures in heaven for eternity. You see we are all the LORD’s bought with a price, and good communication among us lets the Holy Spirit work freely. Or we can stick our fingers in our ears try to say to the LORD I never heard the need, its someone else’s job, I can’t because, or……but once we know the LORD holds us accountable for what he has given to our care. That is a large reason we are here…The LORD allowed Lisa and I to see glimps, to truly see the need of the perishing….and I could not turn away, and at all cost came to Honduras. Pray the LORD opens your eyes both to the needs here and in your church.
On other news the previous property owner kept all the tools used to maintain the property(no surprise). So we are looking for tools. The most urgent is a mower. If 2 week go by it will be rough, the closest mower is a 2.5 hour drive and cost near $300 for a push model. No Wallmart $99 ones. Plus we need a well pump, hoses, pruning tools ect…and of course a backhoe. Still looking and praying. It will be needed in Jan when we actually begin building the Children’s Lighthouse for abused children… daunting.
We shared with the Church about the blessing of the property, Wednesday and all voiced the desire to have a church service there (and pick fruit). It will be difficult, we may have to rent a bus to take everyone and/or shuttle with the truck but next Sundays services will be at the Children’s Lighthouse property. Amen! Enemesio may also try to bring folks from Los Tererros. Amen!

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour