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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A field White Unto Harvest

Just trying to be busy when the LORD returns…Amen! A lot happened today. The container with Christmas Shoeboxes was loaded by Directline Ministries and shipped…AMEN!

Bro Sabas, Barry Jr, and 4 of our older children went to Lenaca to help build a Sunday School class for the children. Pastor Santos’ church has grown from 6 to over 100 in his small building in 2 years. So we used the leftover columns from the Whensawe fence and helped him build a roof to move the children’s class outside. Steel beams were made in our house and brought up the mountain. Barry Jr welded them in place on the concrete columns. Then Bro Sabas installed the rafters and stringers for the clay tiles. Alba and Jenny kept the several dozen children busy and not underfoot, while the men worked. While everyone was busy Pastor Santos wanted me to meet the 4 children soon to be orphaned. I say soon because the mother is so sick they already have the coffin for her. She is dieing of “cancer” which is an honorable codeword here for Aids, since no one dies of Aids just the “complications”. In Choluteca alone there are 30 children a month orphaned, abandoned or removed from danger by the government. Plus this area has the highest concentration of aids in the Americas. Lack of education, superstitions, machismo, remoteness, drunkenness, and lack of the Holy Spirit leaves the door wide open for sin; But the yearning for God all the more stronger for those that seek him.

It’s a lot easier to call out for help when your in the water drowning with sharks all around, than it is when your in the ballroom of the Titanic and your upset the ship lurched and spilled your drink….
Barry 2007 ...after a short visit to the USA

Once the work was done in Lenaca (Agua Callente), we went down the mountain to Colonia for the first “church” meeting. You can see Colonia from Pastor Santos’ Church but it takes more than an hour to get down there. After the meeting with World Vision, and village elders about donated property, (btw…All is a go for donated property to build a church on…anyone have $7000 laying around to build a church building? They will need one soon.) one family in the meeting lives 2 km outside the colony, but asked us to meet for a service in their home. With no public announcements other than "the preacher is here come over" said to the neighbors, 22 adults showed up. 22 people in the porch of a clabbered shack, only 5 chairs and rocks to sit on, no Bibles other than what we brought and gave out, all with dirt, dust, bugs, spiders, mosquitoes and darkness. What made it beautiful? The LORD was there… Bro Sabas preached a compelling message from the Holy Spirit and 15 trusted the LORD. The only light to preach by was the Holy Spirit and a dewalt flashlight…Amen! Talking with bro Sabas, a lot things look promising and the LORD is at work. He was asked to return in 2 weeks and continue preaching. If he meets in 10 homes with similar results the church would be 100-200 people in a short time and in need of a building. Our only hurdles are time, money and transportation. Sabas needs transportation to visit with and I am already finding it difficult to be everywhere. So much so now have cords showing on the tires of the new truck in just 8 months from trying…

Several folks are looking for a backhoe, pray the LORD provides the one we need and we have the wisdom to see it and resources to get it here. And closing on the property for the Children's Lighthouse today @2:00. Amen and Amen!

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie
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