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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Send Forth Labourers

Lord, please send forth Labourers…. with hearts for your work.

Plenty of Irons in the fire. We closed on a property in the city for La Cruz Baptist Church…finally. Amen! It has issues but it now belongs to the church so we can build as funds are available. It needs alot of site work first. But everything we do to it is for the LORD and benefits the church. While I was in the lawyers office Jenny waited outside in the truck. She left me a note on the visor that touched my heart. When I got in she asked how do you spell forever in English?...when I pulled the visor down I saw the note she had written in English and Spanish because she could not spell forever (I love dad forever)….the picture found on the camera as I did this post makes it even more touching….Her in the rear view mirror was an accident I’m sure….precious moments "para siempre".

Barry, Javier and Omar installed a water pump on the new Children’s Lighthouse property. Put up a outside light and the children picked fruit…Which Lisa fried up part for supper, fried green bananas with coconut and fried rice, grapefruit for tomorrow's breakfast. Amen! Need to build a garage/storage/security house on the property to start working the property.
We have lots of projects ahead of us and no idea how the LORD is going to do it… just it needs to be done. If anyone feels the LORD touching their hearts to help in any way please let me know…any kind of help, prayer, funds, muscle, would ease the burden…Amen.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie